Zealie Features

Designed and engineered specifically for the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health treatment sectors

Analytics Dashboard

The Zealie RCM platform was designed to offer rich analytical insights to your Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health business. Zealie’s Dashboard allows you to view real-time Key Performance Indicators, such as Aging Metrics, Census Mix Analysis, and Payer Reimbursement Rate Analysis. Giving you a transparent and in-depth look into your company’s performance so you can make informed business decisions.

Available for Google’s G-Suite

Interactive Heat Map

Zealie has created an interactive map that aggregates historical data to inform you of which policies adequately reimburse you for the services that you provide. This information can be very valuable when making certain business decisions, such as marketing and admissions.

Enable your marketing team to stay within budget by using real-time data based on your bottom line.

Real-Time Revenue Forecasting

Zealie takes the most up to date claim data and ingests it into our platform’s forecasting algorithm, to give you an accurate projection of future revenue.

Owners and Executives can finally forecast revenue.

Reimbursement Rate Optimization

Zealie allows you to quickly identify incorrectly processed claims so you can immediately and effectively address them with the payer. This enables you to get paid correctly in a timely manner.

Reclaim your lost revenue!

Automated Claim Statusing

The Zealie RCM platform has established a direct form of communication through the use of API’s (Application Programming Interface). This allows our software to send thousands of claim status requests to a payer in milliseconds. Once the system receives the status for your claim it is automatically updated in your billing log, reflecting the most up to date status of your billed claims.

This drastically cuts down the amount of manual labor and time it takes to get the status of your billed claims updated.

Workflow Automation

Zealie has designed a system to automate many of the most tedious and error-ridden stages of the claim submission and tracking process. Increasing human efficiency and gets you more accurate and timely payments.

One person can now do the job of 20 with better accuracy!

Integrates With Your EHR or LIS

The Zealie RCM platform can integrate with your current EHR or LIS system to ensure your data is streamlined and accurate. We’ve found that many of the pain points our customers experience are related to avoidable redundancies, such as repeated data entry.

Saving you time while reducing human error.

Outsourced Billing Services

Zealie can handle 100% of your Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health billing for you. Verification of Benefits, Utilization Review, Claim Submission, Claim Statusing, ERA and EFT Enrollment.

The Zealie Team is comprised of billing experts, industry professionals, along with our in-house software developers. Our internal synergy allows us to be extremely flexible and adapt to client needs swiftly while never compromising your revenue.

Cloud Based

Zealie RCM is cloud based and integrated with the Google Cloud Platform for availability, redundancy, security and interoperability.

Access your live data at any time, from anywhere.

Supercharge your business

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