Zealie offers full service Behavioral Health billing

by our team of subject matter experts and industry professionals powered by the zealie rcm platform


Zealie RCM offers instant VOB for the Substance Abuse treatment sector

Verification of Benefits

This is the first and one of the most important aspects of the revenue cycle. If it’s done incorrectly, it can severely impact your revenue.

Zealie Behavioral Health RCM automated claim submissions improve your revenue and workflows across the board

Claim Submissions

Keeping track of the ever changing rules of insurance companies is a highly complex and painstaking process. Zealie deploys the most sophisticated analytical software to track shifts in the market place and adjust to them quickly.

Zealie RCM makes behavioral health utilization review easy and effective

Utilization Review

The importance of Utilization Review in the revenue cycle process cannot be overstated. Due to the high cost of client care, proper UR can mean the difference between net profits and losses. Contact Zealie now to find out how!

Zealie RCM for the Substance Abuse treatment billing sector makes your claim collection process much faster


It’s no longer as simple as submitting a claim and getting reimbursement for that claim. It takes hard work and follow up to get the revenue you’re entitled to.  Zealie can help fix that!

Analytics Dashboard

Zealie’s Dashboard allows you to view real-time Key Performance Indicators, such as Aging Metrics, Census Mix Analysis, and Payer Reimbursement Rate Analysis. This gives you a transparent and in-depth look into your company’s performance so you can make informed business decisions.

Real-Time Revenue Forecasting

Zealie takes the most up to date claim data and ingests it into our platform’s forecasting algorithm, to give you an accurate projection of future revenue.

Owners and Executives can finally forecast revenue.

Interactive Heat Map

Zealie has created an interactive map that aggregates historical data to inform you which policies adequately reimburse you for the services that you provide.  Enable your marketing team to stay within budget by using real-time data based on your bottom line.

LIS or EHR Integrations

The Zealie RCM platform can integrate with your current EHR or LIS system to ensure your data is streamlined and accurate. We’ve found that many of the pain points our customers experience are related to avoidable redundancies, such as repeated data entry.

Measured by Performance

Zealie’s Business Intelligence constantly analyzes proprietary KPI’s to ensure we’re ahead of the game and taking advantage of all new revenue opportunities available for you.


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