Zealie RCM

Real-time forensic claim automation, reconciliation and analytics platform

Analytics Dashboard

Live Claim Adjudication

ROI Heat Mapping

Revenue Forecasting

Submission Automation


Forensically analyze millions of dollars worth of claims in real-time to gain the critical metrics for effective revenue cycle management

Zealie Platform

Zealie is causing disruption in the Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment sector via high speed forensic claim data reconciliation enabled by Zealie’s platform.

One person can now do the job of 20 with higher accuracy.

Zealie RCMS Core Enterprise Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Billing

Google Cloud Platform

Military Grade Encryption

HIPAA Compliant Design

Automatic Redundancy

User Friendly Engineering


Zealie’s platform is a secure, scalable, resilient and cost-effective Mobile and Web application platform integrated with the Google Cloud Platform. It enables deep and critical insight into the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health claim billing cycle and uncovers costly errors in common biller workflow practices.

Building upon the Google Cloud Platform has proven to be effective and enables quick implementation for the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health treatment billing sector, solving unique problems with user friendly tools.

Knowledge is power

The days of wasting time, resources and money are over


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