Zealie can train your behavioral health in-house billing team
Zealie SaaS dramatically cuts down on the need for manual phone calls to get behavioral health and substance abuse treatment claim status updates

Reduce Phone Calls

The Zealie RCM drastically cuts down the number of phone calls you and your billing team need to make. We’ve automated the claim statusing process by gaining direct access to payers and integrating these updates into our cloud platform automatically.

The Zealie RCM platform has been built to increase behavioral health and substance abuse treatment claim adjudication speeds substantially

Increased Adjudication Speed

With Zealie’s direct connection to payer information over the cloud, we’ve been able to track claim adjudication speeds. They’re faster than you’d expect! Snail mail is a thing of the past and we welcome you to the future.

Learn how Zealie can improve behavioral health and substance abuse treatment claim reimbursement rates

Improve Reimbursement Rates

Whether it’s a perfectly submitted claim or one with some errors, knowing the status of your claim ASAP drastically helps improve reimbursement rates.

With the Zealie RCM SaaS Platform, you and your team can scale to take on more behavioral health and substance abuse providers as clients quickly

Increase Workload

The Zealie Platform’s features allow you and your billing team to become so efficient that you will be able to support more clients. Without sacrificing the quality of your work!

Overall the Zealie RCM platform increases performance of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment providers

Increase Performance

Zealie doesn’t wait 30 days for any type of communication from a payer. We need to know now! The Zealie RCM Platform was specifically designed to improve billing processes, increase communication times, increase revenue, and to provide data driven analytics.

Zealie can integrate with many LIS and EHR systems allowing for much faster claim processing speeds

LIS & EHR Integrations

Our RCM is so robust that we can integrate with practically any existing LIS or EHR system. Benefits include being able to audit the accuracy of your data, comb out costly typos, automated claim submission, and more.

We’ll Train and Guide Your In-House Billing Team

Maximize Your Revenue


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