Billing and Collections in 2021: Get Paid More

2020 was a tumultuous year for a lot of behavioral health treatment centers. So not only is it important to have timely payments, but it’s also time that you get paid more for the services you provide. Billing and collections in 2021 should be efficient yet effective. Zealie’s innovative behavioral health billing services can help you increase profits and grow your business.

How We Get You Paid More:

1. Proprietary Renegotiation Process

We like to say, “the first payment is just a first offer.” Get paid more for the services you provide with Zealie’s proprietary renegotiation process. 

2. Automated Claim Status Monitoring

Special technology that allows us to know the status of each claim in real-time. This allows our collections specialists to focus on more complex collections and negotiating pricing.

3. Data Analytics Platform

Our platform isolates inconsistent and incorrectly low paid claims automatically so they can be sent back to the Payer and reprocessed for additional payments. 

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Innovative Behavioral Health Billing Services

Zealie offers the most innovative behavioral health billing services. We know that keeping track of the ever-changing rules of insurance companies is a highly complex and painstaking process. So we offer the most sophisticated and analytical software to track shifts in the marketplace and adjust to them quickly. Our billing team audits and confirms your billing by using your electronic health records system to make sure you’re reaching the medical necessity requirements.

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