Smart Admission Tools for Treatment Centers

Zealie’s smart admission tools for treatment centers helps you mitigate the risk of not knowing how much you’ll be paid. The three innovative tools include Smart VOB, Alpha Prefix Tracker, and Payer Tracker. Our proprietary software collects and analyzes historic insurance payment data, which can predict the revenue you can expect. Knowing which insurance policies have a history of high reimbursement rates, and which ones don’t, gives treatment facilities the information they need before accepting clients.

Zealie’s Alpha Prefix Tracker is a tool that aggregates all the data we have on Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policies. The tool lets you know how much these policies have historically reimbursed for the services you provide. Alpha Prefix Tracker aggregates the reimbursement data from all of our facilities, parses it out, and allows you to see, in a very easy to understand way, how much that policy has paid historically. This information is updated in real-time and is available 24/7. Alpha Prefix Tracker is a go-to feature in the Zealie Mobile App.
Smart VOB
Zealie’s proprietary Smart VOB software estimates how much you’ll get paid before you admit a new client. Smart VOB calculates estimated reimbursement rates for all levels of care, based on millions of dollars of historical data, and presents it to you on your VOB form. Smart VOB is the only software of its kind. Zealie’s software engineers, working hand-in-hand with our billing experts, have created a system like no other. The system reads the responses received when running a manual verification of benefits, and isolates the responses that have been determined to have the largest impact on reimbursement rates. Then the system calls Zealie’s vast reimbursement database and locates policies that have the same responses and tells you what those policies have historically paid for the services you provide. All of this happens within seconds of the verification of benefits being completed, giving you the peace of mind of knowing what similar insurance policies have paid for the services you provide.

Similar to Zealie’s Alpha Prefix Tracker, the Payer Tracker is a tool for out-of-network treatment facilities that gives estimates of payments per level of care using historical data. Payer Tracker’s advantage is that it can uniquely identify the payment history of smaller payers – those insurance companies you may not be too familiar with. Payer Tracker gives a view into which payers and policies have allowed the highest reimbursements historically. This information is updated in real-time and is available 24/7. Payer Tracker is a go-to feature in the Zealie Mobile App.