Zealie Product Explainer Videos

Learn how to use Zealie’s proprietary platform from the Zealie Mobile App to the analytics dashboard with our product explainer videos.

Census Mix, Revenue by Payer & Payer Rates

Census Mix, Revenue by Payer and Payer Rates are three Zealie Mobile App features that work closely together. Census Mix is the feature that allows you to see which percentage of your claims are billed to each payer. This lets you know how much of your census is being occupied by each particular payer.

Revenue by Payer lets you see how much of your revenue is actually being generated from insurance payments for each payer.

The Payer Rates feature will tell you what percentage you are getting paid by each payer for every dollar you bill them.

Alpha Tracker & Payer Tracker

Alpha Tracker is one of Zealie’s Smart Admission Tools. This feature is specifically designed for facilities that are out-of-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Payer Tracker is just like Alpha Tracker except it’s designed to aggregate historical data for small insurance carriers. This is important because often you can come across an insurance policy that you’ve never heard of before. Therefore, you have no indication of what its potential reimbursement rates are.

Patient Data

Patient Data is the Zealie Mobile App feature that allows you to keep track of payments not only for every patient that’s currently in your Census, but every patient who’s ever been in your Census.

LOC Averages

The LOC (Level of Care) Averages is a Zealie Mobile App feature that lets you know how much you’re getting paid by each payer for each level of care. It will also let you know how much authorization you’re averaging per level of care.


The Authorizations feature allows you to see all the authorizations for the clients in your census.

Facility Totals

Facility Totals is a Zealie Mobile App feature that gives you information about every dollar you’ve billed since we’ve been keeping track for you.

Aging Report

Aging Report is a Zealie Mobile App feature that lets you know how long your unpaid claims have been outstanding.

Zealie Check

Zealie Check is a cloud-based, 24/7 electronic verification of benefits feature that allows providers the ability to check a patient’s insurance coverage by submitting basic patient information electronically and getting verification results back instantly. It is available via Zealie’s desktop and mobile app and comes free for Zealie customers.

This tool is great when used with other Zealie tools, such as Alpha Tracker and Payer Tracker. And it’s great for evenings and weekends when you’re unable to run a manual VOB.

How to Read a VOB

Learn the basics of how to read verification of benefits on Zealie’s platform.