Increase Your Profits with Zealie

Zealie is a full-service behavioral health billing company. We can relieve your stress by managing your billing, while making you more money, with our technology-enabled platform. Request a FREE billing audit so you can increase your profits with Zealie today. 

Top Reasons to Choose Zealie's Behavioral Health Billing Services:

  • Customer Revenues Up by 75%
    Our revenue cycle management platform has increased customer revenues by up to 75% for substance abuse treatment centers nationwide.
  • World-Class Technology
    Our advanced technology provides a data-driven analysis that can guide you to maximizing your revenue. We’ve also automated many human functions for more efficiency and accuracy.
  • Revenue Prediction Tools
    Our proprietary software collects and analyzes historic insurance payment data, which can predict the revenue you can expect. We give treatment facilities the information they need before accepting clients.
  • Industry Expertise
    As part of Zealie’s services, our clients have access to one of the most successful CEO’s in the behavioral healthcare industry, Ali Beheshti, who offers business consulting and strategies to increase your profits.

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Increase Your Profits with Zealie

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Driven by Innovation.

Zealie Mobile App is an innovative tool and the behavioral healthcare industry’s only mobile billing app. Our mobile app delivers all of your corporate financial data and analytics in the palm of your hand. The power of Zealie’s multi-purpose app cannot be understated as it delivers real-time data in the moments when you need it most with an easy-to-use interface. 

Some features in the app include Alpha Prefix Tracker, executive financial analytics, level of care averages, patient data, and real-time authorization data. We give treatment centers the ability to manage their behavioral healthcare business from anywhere.