Zealie Check Insurance Coverage Online with our Verification of Benefits System

24/7 electronic Verification of Benefits and Census Monitoring via web and mobile app

Free for Zealie Clients

Zealie Check your patients insurance coverage online and admit them faster without interruption

Admit Patients Quickly

Run a Verification of Benefits online with Zealie Check and get coverage results in seconds

Use Zealie Check to get a verification of benefits for your client online 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Available 24/7

Verify benefits after hours, during weekends and holidays or when insurance companies are closed

Zealie Check is available on the web and as a mobile app for Apple and Android. Check Verification of Benefits online with the Zealie Check website or mobile app

Web and Mobile

Zealie Check is available on the web and the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Zealie Check's online verification of benefits system is available to Zealie billing clients for free, 24/7

Free for Clients

Zealie’s billing clients get our Zealie Check service for free!

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Free for Zealie Clients!

Zealie Full Service Billing and Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Zealie offers full service Behavioral Health billing by our team of experts. Our billing services have been proven to increase revenue the right way, allowing you to focus more on your business


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