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Zealie App Features

Zealie's Anthem and BCBS alpha prefix tracker is updated nightly and available on the Zealie mobile and web app

Alpha Tracker

Zealie’s alpha prefix tracker feature is also available in the zealie app. Admissions teams can use this feature to get historical reimbursement data on Anthem/BCBS policies

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment provider executives can review all financial analytics in real-time with the Zealie mobile and web app

Executive Financial Analytics

The Zealie app gives deep insight into your business financials. The executive financial overview section allows you to take control of your own destiny without any guesswork

Zealie check allows behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers to get a vob in seconds so they can admit a patient without risk

Zealie Check

Run a Zealie Check in the Zealie app and get your Verification of Benefits coverage results in seconds. Zealie Check can be used 24/7 even if insurance offices are closed

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Zealie App Features

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Level of Care averages can be reviewed in real-time with the Zealie mobile app

Level of Care Averages

The Zealie app also uses our proprietary data analysis to provide you with level of care averages from your main insurance carriers

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse outstanding claims for patient portions can be reviewed in the patient data section of the Zealie mobile app and web app

Patient Data

Drill down and analyze reimbursement rates on a patient by patient case with ease. It also gives you the ability to see how patient financials are broken down across deductibles, coinsurance, and patient responsibility

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Utilization Review can be monitored from the Zealie mobile app in real-time

Real-Time Authorizations

The Zealie app gives real-time Utilization Review authorizations that can be reviewed by you and your staff at any time

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